Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Protest against Burmese junta in Singapore Starbucks

The four million residents of Singapore lack a basic human right: freedom of assembly. It's against the law for Singaporeans to gather in groups of 5 or more without a permit.

Back in November 2007, in the wake of the junta's bloody crackdown, while the Southeast Asian nations' summit* was taking place in Singapore, some Burmese residents of Singapore invented a new really creative way to hold a protest under the circumstances.

SG Human Rights, Burmese staged peaceful demonstration in Singapore, SGHumanRights YouTube Channel (video)

Wisb07, Singapore Abduction - Part 1 and 2, Wisbo7 YouTube Channel, (2 videos)

The Online Citizen, TOC Breaking News: 50 Burmese nationals protest, (photos)

Psyeudonymity, Activists tests Singapore with Asean protest, (text, photos)

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