Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Terror attack on Mumbai of Nov. 2008

Vinu posted a set of photos the day of the terrorist attack on the Bombay hotels. Vinu was the first live-blogger to post photos. Vinu's four Flickr photo sets concerning the attack and its aftermath are titled, "Bombay Blast," "Navy Activity Nov. 28," "Nov. 28," and "Nariman House Aftermath."

Vinukumar Ranganathan, "Bombay Blasts,"

Another photographer who was on the scene the night of the attacks was Soumik.

Soumik, "26/11 Mumbai Terror Attack,"

Some French tourists operating out of YouTube Channel Pranavdamle83, present an unusual collection of video clips filmed in a hotel under attack. They explained:
"The police tried to get in through the glass windows of doors. None of those who went in came out. Just five minutes after they entered there was a huge explosion. . . We tried to sneak in to the Taj Mahal Hotel. The cops wouldn't let us go through as the terrorists were throwing grenades on the passers-by"


Local Mumbai blogger Arun is a blogger who lives in the Colaba district of Mumbai near the Taj Mahal Hotel. Shanbhag got dressed and headed off to the scene of some blasts as soon as he woke up:

"Even though we are only a block from the Taj Hotel, I slept through the blasts. . . I took my camera and headed to the Terrace and took a few pics of the Taj Hotel. The hostage situation is still ongoing. I could see smoke billowing out of several windows. . . . Every time we heard a blast or gunfire, everyone would look at the Taj and try to figure out where it came from. Will keep updating as I venture out and take more pics. That is if my parents let me get out. . . ."

Arun Shanbhag, Mumbai Blasts: Day 2 Live Blogging, (photos, text)

Blogger and writer Amit Varma was in downtown Mumbai at the time of the attack:

. . . we headed to All Stir Fry, the restaurant in the Gordon House Hotel in a lane down from there. They told us we’d have to wait 20 minutes. We stepped out again, and as we did so, we heard gunshots, and saw people running towards us from the left side. One of the hotel employees rushed out and told us to get back in. “There must have been an encounter,” he said. “Get back in, you’ll be safe inside.”

Amit Varma, "A Night Out In Mumbai (Updated)," India Uncut (text)

Blogger Rahul found himself in downtown Mumbai with his wife and baby. Rahul blogged:

“There’s been a shootout,” he said, walking on. Behind them, the crowd that began streaming into this lane grew seriously thick. They were running, the ones further behind going faster. “Gang war.” “Encounter.” I turned tail and ran indoors.

Rahul, Nightmares, Green Channel

Media Live:

The Wikipedia article, "November 2008 Mumbai attacks" was a much-lauded source of timely information.

Gauravo, List of Indian bloggers live blogging the mumbai terror-attacks, Gauravonomics

Based in Washington D.C., Gauravo was among the most comprehensive and analytical of the media live bloggers.


Mumbai online: the attacks reported live (updating),

'I am surprised by the lack of user-generated content', says Mumbai attack live-blogger,

Real Time Citizen Journalism in Mumbai Terrorist Attacks, Gauravonomics blog

My Interview with Indian Weekly Tehelka on the Role of Citizen Journalism in the Mumbai Terrorist Attack, Gauravonomics blog

Citizen voices and the Mumbai attacks, My heat's in Accra

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Twitter comes of age, Guardian

Twitter edges out blogs, and Youtube suvive, DNA

Tweeting the terror: how social media reacted to Mumbai


Two days of terror - The New York Times

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

PAD hijacks Bangkok airport

The People's Alliance for Democracy took over Bangkok's two major airports.
I shot this video with my cell phone at 6:30 am on Wednesday, November 26 - this shows the area at Suvarnabuhmi, Thailand's main airport, that is normally used for drop offs for international departures. The airport was taken over by tens of thousands of protesters late in the afternoon the day before. I went to the airport at about 5 am and attempted to get out on an 8 am flight to Hong Kong but no luck. Shot this short video before leaving the terminal.
Nleh63, mlehm63, YouTube Channel nlehm63 (posted at Global Voices)

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Celebrations of Obama's election victory on Nov 4, 2008

November 4, 2008 will go down as one of the greatest and happiest days in American history. Little-covered a mainstream media focused on vote-counts, bloggers captured remarkable images from American cities when the public spontaneously took to the streets to celebrate Obama's victory.


Kadfly photo-blogged the celebrations, writing on his blog: "I'll let the pictures and the videos do the talking tonight."

Kadfly, Wow, Kadfly: a radical moderate, (photos).


For African Americans, the election of Obama was the fulfillment of a dream. They recognized it at once as the opening of a new chapter of American history. I listened to a some women sing "Lift Every Voice and Sing" at the front gates of the White House. Witnessing this scene was one of one of the real highlights of the extraordinary night.

Jotman, Six victory themes: how Washington DC celebrated when Obama won the election,, (text, photos, 7 videos)