Friday, April 25, 2008

The 2008 Olympic torch relays in Asia

The Olympic torch relays during the lead-up to the Beijing Olympics of 2008 presented an interesting forum for live-bloggers. I blogged two of the Olympic relays: Bangkok and Jakarta.

Below, various quotes are followed the "there live" source on which they appeared.

There was the Pro-Tibet sides, full of Thais, the press, some hippies from Khao San and of course the activist groups and some resident Tibetans. Yes that was my side. . . . The Chinese crowd was bigger, louder and more visible than the Pro-Tibet group. . . But one thing I was proud of the PT (Pro-Tibet) group was that they kept their promise. . . .
Knarly Kitty, Twittering the torch, (text, photos at Flickr).

I attempted to document the torch relay in Bangkok, covering most of the 10 km route on foot. I got pushed around a lot. It was hot day, and taking good pictures often required sprinting ahead of the relay.
Jotman, Live blogging the Olympic torch relay in Bangkok, Thailand. (text, photos, videos)

I just got back from the whole event and it was a scary experience. . . . I brought with me a yellow banner with the word “LIBERTY” on it. After awhile walking, I was harassed by volunteers from PRC at the Dataran Merdeka and the police did nothing to help me. About 20 thugs from the so-called volunteers youth from PRC surrounded me while flying their red flags-as if trying to cover up their action-and pushing me around.

Hafiz Noor Shams, Thugs from PRC. KL4FreeTibet, (text, photos)


The Jakarta event was not a normal torch relay, it was an invitation-only spectacle for friends of China in Indonesia. . . . I was present when some local Jakarta students showed up. They were from the outskirts of Jakarta. Waking up before dawn, they traveled a long way to come and watch the torch relay. . .

Jotman, Live-blogging the Jakarta torch relay, (text, photos, video)


We had "Free Tibet" written on our t-shirts, which we thought was a great idea until we showed up at Seoul City Hall and saw all the Chinese people and their flags. . . . To lighten the mood a little Rodney, myself and some others started to sing the Backstreet Boys song, "I Want It That Way". The funniest thing ever happened, once we started to sing the song the Chinese thought we were singing some chant in favor of Tibet, so they started their chants again. It was hysterical. Rodney and I kept singing after everyone else stopped including the Chinese because we knew all the words, so we had to finish the song and it was hysterical to see the Chinese students faces while we were singing.

Julia, Rebels With A Cause...Olympic Torch Relay in Seoul!!, Julia's Asian travels, (text, photos)

. . .what a day it's been! I was (literally) in the middle of a clash today between hundreds and hundreds of Chinese people and a small group of anti-China protestors as the Olympic Torch made its way through Seoul.

Beth, Olympic torch in Seoul - craziness, Moseys and Musings, (text, photos, video)

  • Oh my, Moseys and Musings, (text, photos)

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