Saturday, March 15, 2008

Tibet uprising of March 2008

Kadfly was the only Westerner to live-blog the Tibet uprisings of March 2008. Kadfly blogged:
A quiet morning stroll down Beijing Street turned into running away with a crowd of Tibetans as an empty PLA convoy pulled through. Maybe 100 meters further there was a massive crowd of Tibetans surrounding a narrow alleyway. As it turned out, they were throwing stones and abuse at PLA soldiers who were blockading the passage to a monastery. . . .
Kadfly, Lhasa Burning, March 14, 2008. Kadfly, (text, photos, video)
Kadfly and commentary by Jotman, The live-blogger of Tibet responds to allegations photo and video depict fake rioters, (text, photos, video)

A Shenzhen girl, How Can I Forget Lhasa, March 14, posted on ifeng on March 18, 2008, translation by ESNW posted March 23. A Shenzhen girl working in a eyeglass store in Lhasa reported:
A new American-style fast food restaurant named Dicos had just opened up this year on Youth Road. Several dozen Tibetan youth regarded that this was their main target. Of course, they were not going to spare the stores around it either. They threw rocks and applied force continuously. Behind them, the police tried to stop them without much effect. . . .

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