Friday, January 16, 2009

Riots in Vilnius, Lithuania

Amanda, , an American graduate student, blogged about the atmosphere around the Lithuanian parliament buildings -- where a crowd of some 7,000 people had gathered -- just prior to the violence of Friday 16 Jan. Amanda wrote that "Today brought flashbacks to WTO in Seattle."

Amanda, Taking It to the Streets, Amanda in Lithuania 2009: Adventures in Dissertion Research (text, photos)

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Water-landing of US Airways Flight 1549

The emergency water landing of US Airways Flight 1549 on New York's Hudson River was successful. All 150 passengers, three flight attendants, and two pilots aboard escaped safely. It is appears to have been the first successful water-landing of its kind by such a large commercial aircraft.

Janis Krums of Florida, on a nearby ferry boat, used an i-phone to take the first picture of the water-landing which he posted on flickr. (Krum's website is

Janis Krums,

Gregory Lam, grego's! photostream, Flickr

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Fiji floods

According to CP, "Tens of thousands of people are at risk for respiratory illnesses, malaria and dengue fever after Fiji's worst flooding in a generation. The floods have killed at least 11 people and left thousands homeless." Who was there live?

Due to the flooding, Springate has not enjoyed this leg of his world travels. Amy, a Peace Corp volunteer sums up her problem: "My village is under water." Some bloggers in Aotearoa write: "The flood stricken town of Ba & the rest of the affected areas in Fiji will indeed pose alot of health risks for Infants, Children, Youths & Families alike. The pictures is enough to tell us all." Rizwan, an IT professional has posted lots of photos and blogs: "Based on what I've seen, read and heard, the economic costs will be massive. "

Rizwan, A Flood of Worries, Rizwan's blog page, (text, photos), 14 Jan 2009

Community Group in Aotearoa, A FLOOD STRICKEN TOWN IN FIJI - HOW WORSE CAN THESE GET!!!, Luvei Viti - Children of Fiji (12 photos, text).

Amy, Oi lai tamana OR oh, shit, the island!

Dickon Springate, Totally Flooded Out of Nadi Fiji, A Man of Mystery (text)

Liebhardt, Fiji Floods: ‘The Village Drowned' and Fiji Flooding: the economic costs will be massive, Global Voices

Protests in Sophia, Bulgaria

A protest in Sophia, Bulgaria on Wednesday 14 January was organized by student, environmental and farmer organisations. It was apparently attended by about 2,000 people. There was violence and over one hundred people were reportedly arrested. A second day of protest on 15 Jan. was peaceful.

Matty T., Peaceful Protest, Back in Bulgaria

Geryniko, YouTube Channel, Russian/Bulgaria (video)

Geryniko's video, from 14 Jan 2009 shows the police getting violent.

This Sophia Echo article takes a detailed look at the controversial events.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Riots in Riga, Latvia

The civil unrest in Riga, Latvia has been called the "Penguin Revolution" because of something Latvian Prime Ivars Godmanis said in his New Year's address. Godmanis apparently urged people to huddle together like penguins to stay warm.

On Tuesday Jan. 13 a peaceful protest in Riga, Latvia -- which has the highest unemployment rate in the EU -- erupted in violence. On Wednesday, 2,000 people threw snowballs at the parliament in Sofia, Romania. By Friday, unrest had spread to Vilnius, Lithuania. The riots in the capital of Vilnius were nearly the same as those in Riga according to the NY Times.

There live bloggers have documented what happened where it all began: events in Riga, Latvia.

Aleks Tapinsh, Interview with a protestor (audio in English).

January 2009 Label (translation by Google), lvrevolucija: riots in the streets of Riga (dozens of videos, photos, text)

Following are some of the posts filed under above label (above). Click above link to view all these posts and more:


Veronica Khokhlova, Latvia: Rioting in Riga, Global Voices

Friday, January 9, 2009

Gaza war demonstrations

Updated: 11 Jan 2009

People around the world have protested the war in Gaza.

Lenin, Up to 200,000 protest Israeli aggression in central London (text, 4 video, 2 photos), Lenin's Tomb, 10 Jan 2009

Lenin blogged:
I don't mind what precise figure people put on it, but it was massive, and certainly above 100,000. To this can be added the protests across the UK, which respectively numbered in hundreds and thousands. As I said earlier, this was the largest ever pro-Palestinian demonstration in the United Kingdom. . . . The tone of the protest was also very different from past demonstrations. For one thing, there was much more visible condemnation of the Arab regimes that are complicit in this attack. When speakers called for the Egyptian regime to be overthrown, the cheers were among the loudest of the day. For another, there is a great desire that this historic demonstration become the basis for a campaign. In some form or another, there is a desire to sanction Israel, up to and including a full-blown boycott, divestment and sanctions campaign.
Jamie, Huge demonstration in London (photos, 2 videos), The Heathlander

Colin F Saint-Denis, A Paris nous étions 100 000 pour la Palestine (10 photos), Le poireau ROUGE pour RESISTER à SARKOZY

Will and Fadi, Liveblogging the DC protest for Gaza, KABOBfest (text, photos), 10 Jan. 2009.

Will and Fadi blogged:
We also stopped in front of Obama's hotel. Later I saw him on local TV. He was with DC Mayor Adrian Fenty, they ate at the DC establishment Ben's Chili Bowl, a Muslim and Black-owned greasy spoon (that I love). Obama was glad-handing the locals. I just hope he was not stuffing his mouth with a half-smoke while we froze our asses off yelling outside his hotel -- not that we could change his, or anyone's, mind.

Laila El-Haddad, We talk in silence, we stand together, Raising Yousuf andd Noor: diary of a Palestinian mother, 10 Jan 2009

El-Haddad, a journalist, drives from North Carolina to the Gaza war protest in Washington DC. Arriving home, her father calls from Gaza, updating her on the day's news -- it is not good.

Julián Ortega Martínez, Colombians demonstrate in solidarity with Palestinians and against Israeli attack on Gaza, Equinoxio (text, 3 audio, 12 photos)

Laila El-Haddad, Speaking up: protests in NC, Raising Yousuf and Noor: diary of a Palestinian mother (text, photos)

Jotman, Live-blogging Jan. 4 Gaza war protest in Washington DC,

Hossam, "Mubarak, you bring us shame!", (text, video)
Hossam is an Egyptian journalist based in Cairo.


Jill York, Global: Protests for Palestine, compilation of Flickr photos of demonstrations in Calgary, Dublin, Paris, Seattle, Beirut

Amira Al Hussaini, Global: protesters in Full Force Against Gaza War, Global Voices, compilation of YouTube videos of demonstrations in Tokyo, Istanbul, Israel, London, and Spain.

Videos of the protest on Israel's Gaza attack (updated), Truth Will Set You Free, compilation of YouTube videos of demonstrations in NYC, London, Berlin, Beirut, Tehran, Paris, Amman, Amsterdam

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

An attack on paramedics in Gaza

Eva Bartlett, They shot Hassan, In Gaza, 12 Jan 2009

Bartlett blogged about an incident of 7 Jan. 2009 when a paramedic was fired upon:
. . .It was about 1:30 pm, it was the first day of Israel’s self-declared “cease-fire” and the sniper was aiming at the medical personnel. . .

. . . In the days prior to this attack, 7 medics had been killed since the start of Israel’s air and ground assault on Gaza’s population. Tens more had been injured, and Hassan was to join their ranks.
Bartlett explained that she was witness to shooting by a sniper "as the medics carried the body towards the ambulance."

Here is video showing Bartlett leaving the scene of the shooting -- she is seated on the left side of the ambulance -- from Al-Jazeera:

According to the World Health Organization, 13 medical personnel have been killed in Gaza and 21 injured. The WHO press release of 9 Jan surveys the known extent of the health emergency facing Gaza. Physicians for Human (Israel) rights documents other attacks on medical personnel in Gaza.

More posts by Eva Bartlett and other "there live" Gaza bloggers here.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Israeli attack on Gaza

UPDATED: 12 Jan 2009

In violation of an Israeli Supreme Court ruling, Israeli authorities continued to prohibit journalists from entering Gaza. Under such circumstances, there live blog reports are invaluable in helping the outside world to understand just how the Israeli attacks have impacted life in Gaza.

As it happens, several Gaza bloggers -- Habeeb of Gaza Today; Abdelwahed, Shakra, and Qishta of Moments of Gaza; Mohammed Ali of Oxfam; Sharon at Tales to Tell, and Canadian activist Eva Bartlett at In Gaza, and Rafa Kid --- have regularly posted outstanding firsthand accounts of events. Rafa kid even went out to conduct interviews. Their achievements are all the more impressive as every Gaza resident has -- to some extent -- been preoccupied with matters of survival since the Israeli attacks began.

Meanwhile, based in Israel, Jameel and Dave are live-blogging reports on the conflict, posting updates around the clock.

You can follow the war on Twitter at #Gaza.

Sameh A. Habeeb, Sameh.Habeeb, Picassa (daily photos): Gaza War 3 (20 photos), Gaza War 2 (65 photos), Gaza War 1 (111 photos), Children playing 1 day pre-war (photos), Children playing despite bombings (photos), Bakeries of Gaza out of Bread, People are hungry, 22 Dec 2008 (131 photos)

Habeeb, who describes himself as "Palestinian born and raised in Gaza" is a 23 year old journalist holding a bachelor's degree in English Literature.
Ramzy, Podcasting from Gaza: Ramzy in Gaza gives an on-the-ground account of the attacks, Mideast Youth (Podcast)

Prof. Dr. Said Abdelwahed, Gaza is a city of ghosts, Moments of Gaza (text)

Photo of Dr. Abdelwahed is from a 2006 interview with the BBC. He is a professor at Al-Azhar University in Gaza.Natalie Abou Shakra, January 2 (1), 2 Jan 2009, Moments of Gaza (text)
Fida Qishta, Diaries of Fida Qishta (1), 28 Dec - 31 Dec 2008, Moments of Gaza (text)

Fida Qishta is a teacher and translator from Rafah, southern Gaza .
Dina Hazem, Back from the hostpital, Moments of Gaza (text)

Rafa Kid, Israeli air strike hits childrens' park in Rafah, RafahKid ft. Rafah Pundits, 1 Jan 2009, (photos at Flikr, text)

Mohammed Ali, Black Saturday, 27 Dec 2008, Oxfam (text)
Elena Qleibo, We don't want to create an inconvenience, 6 Jan 2009, Oxfam (text)

Elena Qleibo is a programme officer for Oxfam based in Gaza. Elena has lived and worked in the West Bank and Gaza for 20 years as an aid worker.

Eva Bartlett, “They know no limits now”: a New Nakba, what the medics see, do, and are subjected to; uncensored, In Gaza (text, photos)

Eva Bartlett is a medic and member of the International Solidarity Movement. The photo (right) was taken upon her arrival in Gaza several months ago. Eva spent much of 2007 working in the West Bank (GM).
Sharon, posts from December 2008 and January 2009, Tales to Tell (text and photos). Recent posts:

Jameel, Liveblogging Gaza, The Muqata
Aussie Dave, Operation Cast Lead and Gaza, Israelly Cool


Podcasting from the Gaza Strip, Guardian

December 2008 Gaza Strip Airstrikes, Wikipedia
2008 Gaza Strip Blombings, Global Voices
Ayesha Saldanha, Global Voices
BBB Gaza crisis timeline