Wednesday, January 7, 2009

An attack on paramedics in Gaza

Eva Bartlett, They shot Hassan, In Gaza, 12 Jan 2009

Bartlett blogged about an incident of 7 Jan. 2009 when a paramedic was fired upon:
. . .It was about 1:30 pm, it was the first day of Israel’s self-declared “cease-fire” and the sniper was aiming at the medical personnel. . .

. . . In the days prior to this attack, 7 medics had been killed since the start of Israel’s air and ground assault on Gaza’s population. Tens more had been injured, and Hassan was to join their ranks.
Bartlett explained that she was witness to shooting by a sniper "as the medics carried the body towards the ambulance."

Here is video showing Bartlett leaving the scene of the shooting -- she is seated on the left side of the ambulance -- from Al-Jazeera:

According to the World Health Organization, 13 medical personnel have been killed in Gaza and 21 injured. The WHO press release of 9 Jan surveys the known extent of the health emergency facing Gaza. Physicians for Human (Israel) rights documents other attacks on medical personnel in Gaza.

More posts by Eva Bartlett and other "there live" Gaza bloggers here.

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