Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Fiji floods

According to CP, "Tens of thousands of people are at risk for respiratory illnesses, malaria and dengue fever after Fiji's worst flooding in a generation. The floods have killed at least 11 people and left thousands homeless." Who was there live?

Due to the flooding, Springate has not enjoyed this leg of his world travels. Amy, a Peace Corp volunteer sums up her problem: "My village is under water." Some bloggers in Aotearoa write: "The flood stricken town of Ba & the rest of the affected areas in Fiji will indeed pose alot of health risks for Infants, Children, Youths & Families alike. The pictures is enough to tell us all." Rizwan, an IT professional has posted lots of photos and blogs: "Based on what I've seen, read and heard, the economic costs will be massive. "

Rizwan, A Flood of Worries, Rizwan's blog page, (text, photos), 14 Jan 2009

Community Group in Aotearoa, A FLOOD STRICKEN TOWN IN FIJI - HOW WORSE CAN THESE GET!!!, Luvei Viti - Children of Fiji (12 photos, text).

Amy, Oi lai tamana OR oh, shit, the island!

Dickon Springate, Totally Flooded Out of Nadi Fiji, A Man of Mystery (text)

Liebhardt, Fiji Floods: ‘The Village Drowned' and Fiji Flooding: the economic costs will be massive, Global Voices

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