Friday, January 9, 2009

Gaza war demonstrations

Updated: 11 Jan 2009

People around the world have protested the war in Gaza.

Lenin, Up to 200,000 protest Israeli aggression in central London (text, 4 video, 2 photos), Lenin's Tomb, 10 Jan 2009

Lenin blogged:
I don't mind what precise figure people put on it, but it was massive, and certainly above 100,000. To this can be added the protests across the UK, which respectively numbered in hundreds and thousands. As I said earlier, this was the largest ever pro-Palestinian demonstration in the United Kingdom. . . . The tone of the protest was also very different from past demonstrations. For one thing, there was much more visible condemnation of the Arab regimes that are complicit in this attack. When speakers called for the Egyptian regime to be overthrown, the cheers were among the loudest of the day. For another, there is a great desire that this historic demonstration become the basis for a campaign. In some form or another, there is a desire to sanction Israel, up to and including a full-blown boycott, divestment and sanctions campaign.
Jamie, Huge demonstration in London (photos, 2 videos), The Heathlander

Colin F Saint-Denis, A Paris nous étions 100 000 pour la Palestine (10 photos), Le poireau ROUGE pour RESISTER à SARKOZY

Will and Fadi, Liveblogging the DC protest for Gaza, KABOBfest (text, photos), 10 Jan. 2009.

Will and Fadi blogged:
We also stopped in front of Obama's hotel. Later I saw him on local TV. He was with DC Mayor Adrian Fenty, they ate at the DC establishment Ben's Chili Bowl, a Muslim and Black-owned greasy spoon (that I love). Obama was glad-handing the locals. I just hope he was not stuffing his mouth with a half-smoke while we froze our asses off yelling outside his hotel -- not that we could change his, or anyone's, mind.

Laila El-Haddad, We talk in silence, we stand together, Raising Yousuf andd Noor: diary of a Palestinian mother, 10 Jan 2009

El-Haddad, a journalist, drives from North Carolina to the Gaza war protest in Washington DC. Arriving home, her father calls from Gaza, updating her on the day's news -- it is not good.

Julián Ortega Martínez, Colombians demonstrate in solidarity with Palestinians and against Israeli attack on Gaza, Equinoxio (text, 3 audio, 12 photos)

Laila El-Haddad, Speaking up: protests in NC, Raising Yousuf and Noor: diary of a Palestinian mother (text, photos)

Jotman, Live-blogging Jan. 4 Gaza war protest in Washington DC,

Hossam, "Mubarak, you bring us shame!", (text, video)
Hossam is an Egyptian journalist based in Cairo.


Jill York, Global: Protests for Palestine, compilation of Flickr photos of demonstrations in Calgary, Dublin, Paris, Seattle, Beirut

Amira Al Hussaini, Global: protesters in Full Force Against Gaza War, Global Voices, compilation of YouTube videos of demonstrations in Tokyo, Istanbul, Israel, London, and Spain.

Videos of the protest on Israel's Gaza attack (updated), Truth Will Set You Free, compilation of YouTube videos of demonstrations in NYC, London, Berlin, Beirut, Tehran, Paris, Amman, Amsterdam

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