Thursday, April 2, 2009

Demonstrations during April 2 London G20 summit

Harpymarx, Standoff at Bank (12+ photos, text)

I left about 5pm and there was still a stand-off. The cops were making sure you couldn’t see what they were doing. I hope protesters in the stand-off had cameras and videos.

It was a peaceful protest, the cops wanted a ruck and they kicked it off. I was utterly angry, again, witnessing this level of police brutality. People were scared with tooled up cops ready for a fight advancing towards you. I know I was.

Indeed, ’shame on them’. What about them being made responsible for their crime spree…? (photo right by Harpymarx)

S Bolt, Police Brutality last Thursday at Bank - G20, Indymedia
What I witnessed last Thursday shocked me so much, I feel the only productive thing that could come from the experience is sharing and propagating what happened.

If you read the news about the protests last week, you won't find much. They are simply not reporting the true extent of what has been going on. . . .

This is what I witnessed myself in 15 minutes standing near the Bank of England. . . .

Suddenly, a policeman threw a punch at the face of a male man, who raised his right arm to try and block the punch (NO retaliation, merely a block). Immediately, 3 officers threw him up against the scaffolding, knocked him to the ground and beat him with their batons. They then carried him horizontally away.

A photographer on the spectator side of the cordon tried to capture it. An officer ran over and grabbed him, trying to force him into the cordon. He escaped but the officer came after him and squared up to him (who was right next to me at this point) shouting, "Do you want a piece of this, huh, do you want to come and get some?". He was then called back by another officer.

A few minutes later, a girl no more than 10 metres away from me, who was on the front line of the cordon, was suddenly shoved up against a wall and kicked repeatedly by a policeman. he left her as she stayed cowering.

Subsequently, 6 mounted police trotted around the corner and penned them in, after which the police dogs showed up. The general atmosphere was fear at who the police would pick on next.

Indymedia, G20 April 2nd: Raids and Remembrance

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