Wednesday, April 1, 2009

London G20 protests of April 1

Harpymarx, This is not what democracy looks like, Harpymarx (photos, text)
. . . .there was a mixture of protesters not the stereotypical anarchist the right-wing media were peddling. Many were young people. . . .

Then a bottle came whizzing over, my first reaction was, ‘Oh fuck’.. I was right at the front of a line of tooled up cops. I turned my head and saw this cop standing right in front of me with his visor down, cracking open his baton and charging towards me…..

I was standing in parallel to the alley and was able to move backwards inside. Other people squeezed in as well for safety as the cops came charging, so I didn’t get much of a visual to take pix. We were hemmed in the alley, I witnessed the cops hitting out in a frenzy towards anyone, raining blows on any part of protesters bodies including their heads.

Climate Camp Photography, Climate Camp

Dhamaka, G20 Protests, Pattern Recognition (photos)

Bibivanderzee, Live blog: G20 climate protests, Guardian

Matthew Moore and Jon Swaine, G20 London summit 2009: Live blog and map, Telegraph

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