Sunday, April 12, 2009

Protests in Tbilisi, Georgia

A bungled war, and economic problems have led many Georgians to seriously question President Saakashvili's approach to governing Georgia. This week the NY Times reported, "Tens of thousands of protesters marched through the streets of this capital city on Thursday bearing signs and chanting slogans against President Mikheil Saakashvili, who took office five years ago with promises of a progressive, pro-Western government."

Paul Rimple, Protest update, Tbilisi Blues
I had to run home and file my story before the opposition gave the president an ultimatum to step down in 24 hours or else... or else.... or... um... they would... um... protest more.

While the 30,000 or so people that showed up was 70 grand less than the opposition had predicted. . .

What apsny [Georgian news service] didn't report was how Zourabichvili and Nino Burdjanadze the former Speaker of Parliament and leader of the Democratic Movement-United Georgia, eyed each other coldly on the stage.

Sophia Ebralidze, Sunday protests small, even after Saturday night vandalism, Radiobedniereba

Natalie Nozadze, Late night attack inflames tensions between government and protesters, NATALIE5N'S BLOG

Sherqqizi's blog, Second attack on Why? Public Movement Friday Night, Sherqqizi's blog
The activities of “Why?” Public movement were started by seven activists secretly. The organization began to spread banners, stickers in the street at nights. [THERELIVE: see this post] But three weeks ago they held press-conference in an underground in Freedom Square and began to open activity. They thinks that this action means to go out from darkness to freedom. The movement has 160 members from Tbilisi and 20 from Batumi.
Georgian protester gives outlook on protests, Experiences and News

I starting chatting with Jejelava about two weeks ago and since then we have spent time talking about Georgian society.

“The media, parliament, court everything belongs to Saakashvili and his group,” Jejelava wrote in a Skype message. “And, Georgian society wants to stop them.”

Twitter updates: #tbilisi.

Timeline and background
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