Saturday, April 11, 2009

Red shirts protest in Pattaya, site of ASEAN summit

The ASEAN summit meeting in Pattaya was indefinitely postponed -- and a state of emergency declared for Chonburi province of Thailand -- after "red shirt" demonstrators occupied the hotel at the Thai beach resort in which the leaders were scheduled to stay.

Opponents of the Thai government had staged massive demonstrations in Bangkok this week urging the ouster of Thai Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva.

Nick Nostitz, The crushing of the red shirts, New Mandala (3,000 words +, 40+ photos); see also Comment #173.
  • On "Blue Shirts" in Pattaya: "One blue pickup truck with Blue Shirts sitting in the open back appeared transporting wooden clubs. I took photos. The Blue Shirts objected, but I did not care. . . . I recognized some Blue Shirts as PAD guards, and they also remembered me from the Government House occupation. Others of the Blue Shirts very much looked like soldiers (I was told later on that they were Navy personnel from Satthahip)."
  • On the storming of the Pattaya hotel where ASEAN leaders were to assemble: "Suddenly Red Shirts walked into the grounds directly in front of the Hotel doors. Army and police appeared to be lost for an answer. . . . One large glass window suddenly broke, and Red Shirts stood inside the Hotel. I was completely astounded, and let myself be carried with the flow of protesters who streamed into the hotel like an overflowing river." (Some of Nick's best pictures show protesters march inside the hotel while staff watch ).

Bangkok Pundit, Pattaya Clash, Bangkok Pundit

Sunny, Thai Red Shirts Protest Videos April 2009, HaPPi like a HiPPo (videos)

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