Sunday, April 12, 2009

State of Emergency in Bangkok

The NY Times reported: "Thousands of anti-government demonstrators defied a state of emergency on Sunday, gathering in large crowds in Bangkok one day after they forced the cancellation of a 16-nation Asian summit meeting."

Nick Nostitz, The crushing of the red shirts, New Mandala (3,000 words +, 40+ photos)
  • On the scene of the attack on the Prime Minister's vehicle: "In the car were two men stuck, the driver and Democrat Secretary-General Nipon Prombhand. Red Shirt guards surrounded the car, trying to hold the angry crowd back. After taking some images, I pushed a few too aggressive Red Shirts away, and shouted at them that they should not behave like animals. . . ."

Bangkok Bugle, Bangkok's State of Emergency, Pictures from the Streets, Bangkok Bugle (text, 3 photos)
. . . one group of "red shirts" who had taken control of two armored vehicles decided it was a good idea to immobilize them and park them at one of the city's busiest intersections. The mood was light and almost carnival. . . .

Bangkok Pundit, State of Emergency: Live Blog, Bangkok Pundit

More on the Bangkok Protests:

In the following posts at THERELIVE.COM, I posted longer summaries of the insights I gleaned reading Nick's incredible story, and information about other live-bloggers of the protests:

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