Saturday, April 25, 2009

Swine flu in Mexico

Jessica, a blogger in Mexico city writes in an email:
The streets in Mexico are empty, nobody wants to go outside and everybody is scared.

The Mexican government says there are just 20 deaths confirmed because of the swine flu, but all of us know that there are a lot more.
Most Mexico City bloggers we are reading seem in agreement on one thing: there is a lot fear. Suggestions have been made that this state of fear may be unwarranted, but this attitude could change quickly if the death toll increases much further.

Jessica Uribe, Vivir Mexico [Spanish]

Dyana, GlobalDyana (Videos)
On Mexico's main route, Paseo de la Refoma, we summarized mask usage, traffic and overall feelings in Mexico City
"Little tense... press report... 2000 cases of pneumonia, hospital workers protesting don't have adequate protection, people moved outside of houses, living on the street."
Irving González, La Paranoia mediático-sanitaria, Con Menta y Sal [Spanish]
This environment created by the media and government capital, through carelessness or intention, continues to worsen. Now, according to official figures, there is already a total of 4 thousand cases of influenza in the country's capital, while the Edomex only recorded 44 cases.

Daniel Hernandez, Monitering the deadly flu epidemic in Mexico, Intersections
Of course, here in Centro, the neighbors and I are re-activating the Survival Brigade. Tonight: a mask-decorating party. Naturally.
Defeña Salerosa, ,Estamos enfermos, Esta Maraña de Contradicciones [Spanish]
Psychosis. Ignorance. Paranoia. And unfortunately some Influenza.

Mexicans at this time we split into several entities. Some believe that this is a government measure to cover-up something, using the emergency as a "smokescreen, " who knows what it could be related to: narco-trafficking threats, stock market scams, etc. There are those who believe that we are certainly coming to a pandemic. Some do not want to leave home and to do so, carrying mask or a scarf (yes, despite it being this fucking hot I saw two! Scarves!).
Jim, Swine flu in Mexico timeline of events, Biosurveillance
"We were the first in the world to report this, despite claims to the contrary by CNN and Fox News"

Mexico: Concern Over Swine Flu Outbreak, Global Voices


Nomad said...

wow, how did this spread all the way to NYC so fast? That reminds me, I think now would be a good time to increase my daily dosage of Vitamin C and any other kind of immune system booster I can find

Jotman said...

While sups probably won't hurt, surely the most important thing anyone could do during an outbreak is ensuring they don't contract the virus in the first place.

I blogged about some precautions recommended for Bird Flu, the same are probably helpful for this: