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Honduras coup

The origins of the crisis:
The ongoing 2009 Honduran political crisis resulted from a non-binding referendum on changing the constitution proposed by President Manuel Zelaya but ruled illegal by the country's Supreme Court, attorney general, top electoral body, and human-rights ombudsman. Zelaya nonetheless asked the Army to distribute ballots in accordance with its role in conducting elections. After Army chief Romeo Vásquez Velásquez refused to distribute ballots, Zelaya dismissed him from office. The dismissal was declared illegal by courts and the parliament. On June 28 2009, shortly before polls were due to open for the referendum, the armed forces deposed Zelaya. [Wikipedia]
There Live Bloggers:

Dario, Honduras: What's really going on, IKN (text)*
I want to tell you that the situation is still precarious and that the repression from this de facto government led by dinosaurs is getting bigger. Last night (Tuesday night) and a few minutes ago the red dinosaur Michelleti and his cavemen subalterns addressed the nation on all TV and radio stations, giving out totally false information. Of course we know, those of us who are here know the true story. We have no access to communications and the only information presented is that which helps the coupmongers.

I inform you that in communities such as El Progreso, department of Yoro they have ordered forced military recruitment aimed mostly at youths (to use them as a barricade in any confrontation). Also, in the department of Olancho (the biggest in the country and the home territory of Zelaya) they have repressed people who were travelling to the capital in buses, beating them and forcing them off the buses and shooting through the bus tires.

In San Pedro Sula, the place where I live, they have given an order to depose the mayor of the city (who was one of the mayors allied to Zelaya) and have issued an arrest warrant for him. They are trying to replace him with one William Hall (strangely the cousin of Michelleti).

rbreve, rbreve's photostream, Flickr (20 photos with captions)
  • this was a very scary moment, military was firing their guns, I had to run, my camera settings were not properly set so this images are overexposed (photo)
La Gringa, Honduran views on Mel Zelaya and the current events, La Gringa's Blogicito
In my opinion, too many people are only willing to believe what they read in English (no matter where it comes from) and choose to ignore ALL of the Honduran media reports and what the majority of people of Honduras are saying. Just because something is done in a manner that it wouldn't have been done in the US does not automatically make it wrong. This is Honduras!

Dig deeper, please! Pro-Zelaya supporters are naturally angry and upset, but there is a lot more celebration going on in Honduras among those who feared what Zelaya was doing to Honduras. To disregard all of those opinions as being from ignorant peasants who don't understand what is going on in their own country or from the rich who benefit from the status quo is damned insulting!
Media-Live Bloggers

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Rick B, Honduras Coup Just Got Chile, Ten percent


Wikipedia, Honduran political crisis

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