Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Dam disaster in Western Siberia

It has hardly been reported in the Western news media, but some are calling it the "Chernobyl of Hydro." There was a major disaster at Russia's largest hydroelectric station in Western Siberia on Monday August 17 -- and the fallout seems to be expanding. The cause appears to have been related to a failure of the power turbines.

A citizen reporter was there live and captured the event.

Anonymous YouTube user (video posted below).

ikoge, Youtube channel. Collection of various videos Sayano Shushenskaya hydroelectric power station after the explosion.

Sanjuro forwarded explosion footage by an anonymous bystander, and describes and translates it.

Sanjuro informs ThereLive by email:
This footage appeared on the Youtube almost immediately after the accident, but was removed yesterday, and this is a repost by another user [ikoge].

The conversation in Russian is something like:

"Shall we run already? (nervous giggle) ... (another blast) ... (another blast) ... Whatever... better be somewhere else ... This is the end...").

You can imagine how scared the person filming the video must have been-- given their proximity to the dam!

The dam is on the Yenisei
, the largest river flowing into the Arctic Ocean. Sanjuro comments:
The social commentary to this on Russian blogs and discussion rooms was that it has again demonstrated that the country's infrastructure is in ruins, and that the government had better work on real issues, than confront the West over political chimeras.
Reuters - Russian Dam disaster, Telegraph - Dozens missing and dead in Russian power-station accident, Moscow Times article, Russia Today video news report in English

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