Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Samoan tsunami

pogpog28's "first person view" of tsunami devastated Pago Pago Village in Samoa:

Jodatoa05.  Drive by of the devastation of Leone village on Southwest coast of American Samoa.

Juliana Rincón Parra, Global VoicesAsia and Oceania: Videos of Natural Disaster Aftermath
More videos showing the devastation caused by the tsunami.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Pittsburgh G20 summit protests

A lot of people live-blogged the protests in Pittsburgh: there are dozens of videos, thousands of tweets.   I am going to prioritize the posting written accounts, such as Emily's.   (If you come across others I should include here, please leave a comment).

Emily Tanner, The Bleeding Heart Capitalist, This is what democracy looks like:

"I just got home from a wild night of observing the G20 protests. I'm going to start by saying, I was an observer rather than a protester in this situation....

"Seconds after we get there, police begin to advance without warning. They march at students who begin to run, while taking pictures. Riot police begin to surround the students but no action is taken. This crowd is mainly students, NOT protesters. Students are yelling Kent State, Kent State....

"At one point, an office jumped onto the sidewalk with his stick out. I immediately threw my hands up and continued walking, and he said to me, "Yeah, keep your hands up, you're the fucking problem." 

Martial Law on Pitt Campus  (In this post, Emily reposts excerpts from an anonymous individual's twitter feed. Emily comments ) "This is a twitter feed from last night. Earlier this kid declared that he wanted the g20 protesters out of his town - he's just a student, clearly not trying to riot or to protest."
  •  I'm back in my dorm room, which is filled with tear gas from a crack in the window. Getting videos and photos off of my camera. from Tweetie ...

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Red shirts protest in Bangkok and Chang Mai, yellow shirts head for Thai-Cambodian border

On Saturday, the third anniversary of the royalist-backed army coup of September 19 that deposed Prime Minister Thaksin, pro-Thaksin supporters held a large rally in the northern city of Chang Mai (photos) where 26,000 listened to Thaksin speak to them by video.   Back in Bangkok red shirts tried to march on the house of Prem, who heads the HM the King's Privy Council.  Red shirts blame Prem for the 2006 coup.  Apparently the red marchers were first obstructed by security but later 20,000 managed to stage a protest there.  Meanwhile, members of the anti-Thaksin royalist faction -- the yellow shirts -- tried to invade a temple on the Thai-Cambodia border.. . . (continued at JOTMAN.COM)

Newley of Newley.com live-blogged rain-soaked red shirts protesting in Bangkok (6 photos and 2 video)

TPP (Thai Political Prisoners) live-blogged media reports of Saturday's events in Thailand.