Sunday, January 10, 2010

Attempted Christmas terrorist bombing of NWA Flight 253

Lori and Kurt, passengers of Northwest Airlines Flight 253, were eyewitnesses to the attempted bombing of the Detroit-bound flight that took off from Amsterdam. During the flight, Abdul Mudallad, a 23-year-old Nigerian, attempted to ignite a bomb attached to his body.

Lori and Kurt, both attorneys, have blogged extensively about their experiences and observations relating to NWA#253. In addition to explaining what they saw take place on the flight and in the airport terminals, the couple have been forthcoming with criticism of how  law enforcement and government responded to the terror incident, also questioning some news media reports.   Lori's blog is called Lori's Liberal Realm.

Lori blogged on Jan 2, 2009
We were in Row 27 H and J. "He" was in Row 19A. Only 8 rows away, across the plane. In clear view. On one hand, I wish I did not have to witness it, because it will be branded in my brain forever. On the other hand, if I had not been able to witness it, the "unknown" may have stressed me out even more. . . .

What is really unfair about this situation is some things I have been reading online about Kurt, or rather about both of us at times. Kurt wants nothing but a full investigation to be done into this. He saw things that nobody else is claiming to see, and wants to feel safe flying again.
Check it out.  Lory and Kurt's blog marks a milestone in the history of there-live blogging.

Commentary and background
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