Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Destruction caused by Haiti earthquake

Photomorel.  Twitter pic user posting photos of the earthquake devastation.

Rollings in Haiti, "Earthquake day in Port au prince"
I. . . didn’t actually fall on the ground, but I stumbled around quite a bit. When the tremors ceased, a large dust cloud was rising from the building a few doors down. A 3 story school full of teenage girls had collapsed. I stood around looking stupid for longer than I’d like to admit. I looked at the truck from Toyota, tried to call my wife (the service was out) and looked around me at people’s reactions. Virtually everyone reacted in strange ways.  Eventually, I went to the school and started working to pull trapped students from the wreckage. . .

The Boston Haitian Reporter is live-blogging reports about the earthquake.

At Global Voices, Georgia Popplewell has compiled some tweets from Haiti.

Doctors without Borders/Medicins sans frontieres is collecting donations to support their relief efforts in Haiti here.

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