Saturday, February 27, 2010

Earthquake in Chile

Matt Suggett,, Chile earthquake 2010, (text, collection of photos from various media sources).   Matt blogs:
At about 3:30 last night, I was lying in bed, drifting off to sleep. My window was open to admit the warm night air, and I opened my eyes as a loud motorcycle passed outside. The noise disturbed the street dogs, and I rolled my eyes as dogs across the city began howling and barking.

My bed began to rock, gently. I've felt a few minor tremors before, so I wasn't alarmed as my building began to quiver lethargically. The gentle pulses massaged me in my warm bed. Our big apartment building creaked softly as it swayed slowly in the quiet night, like a the leaves of a tree stirring in a calm evening breeze.

Suddenly, my heart dropped through my stomach. A million things shot through my mind as my room exploded. My bed started shaking violently. My wardrobe doors were flapping open and slamming shut. Books and trinkets on my table crashed on the floor. The noise was deafening.

What happened next is a blur of noise and panic. I had only one thought: get out.

I jumped out of bed. The building was shaking viciously, knocking me off my feet. It was as if a giant man had a hold of me, and was shaking my fragile body like a baby. . . .

Camilo Salsas K., Chile earthquake: First-hand notes from Camilo of Disorder Magazine. Camilo Salsas K. from Disorder Magazine in Chile writes to Boing Boing from Santiago:
The situation right now is very bad. We are getting news of the most bad places (the south center of Chile) and the news is no good. I am listening about buildings on the floor, hospitals with a lot of people and aftershocks. Every 5 or 10 minutes we feel shakes from the earth. Right now I am experiencing a VERY LONG ONE. The news says there are over ne hundred dead people and lot of injuries. I have electric light and internet, i can use my cellphone, with some difficulty, but it works.

I was sleeping at 3:30 in the morning with my girlfriend. I live in the 10th floor of a 10 floor building and i woke up with a little shake. Then it was growing in intensity, and growing and growing. I get to the door and stay there.

Desi McAdam, Jacksonville Beach employee's first-hand account of Chilean quake.  McAdam was dancing at a nightclub when the devastating earthquake struck early Saturday.
"I live on the ninth floor of a high rise in the Centro area. On the way home we didn’t see any big damage other than some of the buildings’ facades had fallen off and (there was) broken glass and windows in places.

"We went up to my apartment and for the most part it was OK. My TV had fallen off the shelf ... and we had cracks in the ceiling [and] walls, and the doors are all torqued. We made ourselves a few drinks and then talked to some neighbors who told us it was not safe to be in the building because of potential aftershocks. So we headed out. ...

"Around 5:30, we went back to my apartment figuring things were OK and I made us some eggs. ... The water was brown and we couldn’t drink it. ... I decided to try to get some sleep around 6:30.

"My friend ... came in around 8 and woke me up. Apparently there was a 6.9 aftershock that I slept through. ... I have never really been in a quake before.

"He told me ... there were a lot of buildings on fire. ... We then filled the bathtubs with water and boiled a couple of pots of water just in case. I still didn’t have any power, and our computers and phones were almost dead, so we conserved what power we had.

"We then went out walking and taking pictures. ... Oddly, the Chileans were all very calm. They were out sweeping up the streets and opening up their shops. There was no panic at all. ...

NY Times,  Updates on the Earthquake in Chile.  See also Readers’ Photos: Chile Earthquake

Cristian Cambronero, Fusil, Chile: los videos del terremoto (Chile: videos of the earthquake).

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