Thursday, February 11, 2010

Protests in Iran on the Anniversary of the Islamic Revolution

Several sites did an outstanding job of media live-blogging the protests and celebrations associated with the 31st anniversary of the Islamic Revolution. 

As thousands turned out to official rallies around the country, President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad told a huge crowd in Tehran that Iran has produced enriched uranium for the first time.  Protesters took to the streets throughout the country, but a huge security mobilization prevented protesters from disrupting the rally in Tehran.  By evening, it appeared to observers as if the Iranian government had the upper hand.

Guardian, Iran protest live blog,  (map, photo, lots of videos, comments)

Enduring America,  The Latest from Iran (11 February): Today is 22 Bahman, (includes map)

Iran News Now, Live-blog: 22 Bahman – 31st Anniversary of Islamic Revolution – February 11, 2010, (2 dozen videos)

The Lede, Latest Updates on Demonstrations in Iran, (2 dozen videos)

The Daily Nite Owl, Live-Blog: Street Protests in Iran – February 11 / 22 Bahman (20 videos)

 Daily Dish.   Sullivan and his night-shift assistant blogger Chris "tracked the events of 22 Bahman. Extensive summary of our night-shift here. Accounts of the junta's lockdown here, here, and here. Analysis here and here. Glimpses of violence here, here, here, and here. Various doubts of Ahmadi's "20 percent" claim here and a critique of the speech here. Stories of press manipulation here and here. Andrew's impression of the day here and Scott Lucas' here."

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