Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Vancouver Winter Olympics torch relay

 Miss 604, Vancouver 2010 Day One in Photos

Jotman, Olympic torch relay in Vancouver

The torch relays Jotman blogged in Bangkok (photo left) and Jakarta prior to the Beijing Olympics were characterized by Chinese nationalism.  Jotman (photo right) compares these relays to the relay for the Vancouver Olympics.

Colin Horgan, True SlantOlympic love in Calgary: an anecdote
At the corner of 7th Avenue and MacLeod Trail in downtown Calgary sits Olympic Plaza, a flat concrete expanse across the street from City Hall. In 1988 the Plaza served as the venue for medal ceremonies during the Winter Games. Since then, it’s been used as a wading pool in summer, an ice rink in winter, and a year-round home to many of the city’s homeless and/or drug dealers. Monday night, it was the site of the torch’s triumphant return.

I arrived at around 5 pm, approximately two hours before the torch was due, and started making my way around the Plaza, hoping to find something other than corporate sponsorship. I didn’t. For all intents and purposes, the rally was for Coca-Cola, and to a lesser extent, the Royal Bank. Within minutes of being there, I’d already received a free Coke, and had completed a quick survey taken by roaming Coke reps, which began “If you’re at work or home, how often a day do you find yourself picking up a bottle of Coke?” and followed on from there.

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