Sunday, March 7, 2010

2010 Academy Awards

Trying out an innovative approach to live-blogging, Gawker has asked its readers to live-blog the awards ceremony by leaving comments.

Various Readers (commenters),, Live-blogging the academy awards 2010 edition. "Everyone likes watching the Oscars at a party, and we're having our very own! It's going to be here in the comments section."
 isnt this 'hurt locker' guy getting sued?   - Yes.
I hate when they play off the little guys [turn up the music to force them off the stage]. The big stars will have their post-award interviews all over the entertainment news shows and mags, but these indie people never get any recognition outside of the award presentation. Give them a little more time, dammit!
Black person wins = Show all the black people in the audience time

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Is this the first Academy Awards to open with a joke about prison rape?

Melena Ryzik, NY Times, Capetbagger:  Live Blogging the Oscars.

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