Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Bangkok blood protest of March 16

Some concerns that had been raised about the Red Shirts' planned blood protest are described at Jot ASEAN.

At this time in Thailand, the protest leaders are collecting blood in preparation for throwing it on Government House.

 Bangkok Pundit, Asian Correspondent, Bloody options and  Bloody Tuesday sacrifice

Nirmal Ghosh, Straights Times, Bloody Tuesday in Bangkok  
(text, photos).  Photo right by Nirmal Ghosh.
....Doctors and nurses from hospitals and clinics had volunteered to do it professionally. There were stacks of supplies – clean disposable syringes in original packaging, alcohol, cotton wool and gauze and Band-aid, surgical gloves and masks. The blood was being put into large plastic bottles, the kind in which you get drinking water in bulk....

A few metres from the stage, hundreds of red shirts were filing into a tent to donate blood. An air conditioner wheezed fruitlessly as 20-30 people at any given moment crammed into the white tent on the hot and humid morning, with the queue outside stretching for about 50 metres. After they had given blood, they were provided with a generous bowl of rice porridge outside.....
Pongpan Chumjai, PrachataiRed shirts launch “Blood Sacrifice” campaign (text, photos, video).  Photo right by Prachatai.
This morning, thousands of red shirts lined up to have their blood drawn by medical activists, a day after red-shirt leader Nattawut Saikua vowed to collect "1 million cubic centimetres" of blood to spill at Government House on Tuesday evening. More blood will be shed at the headquarters of the Democrat Party on Wednesday and the Prime Minister's house on Thursday if the protesters’ demands were not met.
John Le Fevre, Photojourn.
 Red Shirt's blood collection points being swamped. People  want their blood poured at Thailand Gov. House
 Newley Purnell, Newley.com, Images from today’s red shirt blood protest
Warning: if you don’t like images of needles or blood — or, specifically, photos of large plastic bottles full of blood — avert your eyes now…

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