Thursday, March 4, 2010

Demonstrations against budget cuts to California universities

The State of California intends to raise tuition, increasing many students' debt burden after graduation -- a consequence of state budget cuts targeting universities. A new generation is being deprived privileges that older generations of Americans enjoyed. Protests have broke out across the state last week.

Julio, A march on March 4th, LA Eastside (text, photos)
The following is what I felt; what I saw. I lay no claim to objectivity: this is going to be heavy-handed. I am a student at CSULA. Been so for almost a decade. I have seen first hand the corrosion of the quality of resources, services, and education. I took no part in the organization of anything for March 4th. I was merely a participant at the march....
Eventually the people here joined the professors at their own march (?) a few blocks down. Here the mass of people seemed to be at least a thousand people. You could see the diversity of people out here: university workers, students, professors, etc....
More on other protests at CNN.

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