Sunday, March 7, 2010

Iraq elections of 2010

According to Wikipedia, the March 7 election "will decide the 325 members of the Council of Representatives of Iraq who will then elect the Prime Minister of Iraq and the President of Iraq."

As a team, New York Times journalists based in Iraq live-blogged election day. 

Stephen Farrell and baghdad Bureau, At, Iraq elections: live-blogging election day.
  Just after 10 a.m. Baghdad time, and the barrage of explosions has slowed considerably in the capital. There is still an occasional rumble, but they are no longer coming every few minutes.
Sahira Abdul Halim said: “I voted for Tariq al-Hashimi and I hope that all the Iraqis participate in the elections. What more could happen beyond these mortars? Is it only on the Sunni neighborhoods, or all over Baghdad? I think that it does not need explanation, all the evil is coming from the east with an Iranian fingerprint.” 

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