Thursday, April 22, 2010

Deadly April 22 grenade bombings in Bangkok


Andrew Marshall,, Thais love peace
....The editorial in today’s Bangkok Post warns of civil war.  A month ago I might have laughed off that idea. But as the chaos last night showed, Thailand is now so volatile that the security situation can change rapidly and dramatically. Silom Road, the busy office and shopping district where the Patpong night market is located, was almost unrecognizable to me. A thousand or more heavily armed troops occupied the shuttered road and its ill-lit side-streets. Ambulances raced in and out, sirens screaming, past coils of razor wire. Drunken protesters combed the garbage-strewn pavements for bottles to hurl at the reds.

I was struck by the sight of some women crossing the road in that stoop-and-run style you associate with sniper alleys, not shopping areas. Silom: twinned with Sarajevo....
Nation's State, The Nation's State, Scenes from Silom April 22
....I arrived after the M79 grenades had exploded. ... When I arrived, mob violence by PAD (yellow shirts, multicolored shirts, or whatever name they are using today) was in full swing and they were again setting upon people they suspected were reds.

Yet violence mostly raged between the PAD and the red frontline. Both sides fought spiritedly and the sound of breaking bottles, breaking windows, vulgar insults, and thousands of metal pieces of debris ricocheting off walls, cars, and signs was non-stop.  

Police were doing nothing....

Flo, Viator, Silom Clashes (22. April)
Shortly after the explosions at the BTS Station several clashes happened and atmosphere got very intense. At the end police is in control again and cracking down anti-red protesters. Here are ten minutes of my 70min Video-footage...
Newley,, Explosions in Silom

...images from the time I spent at Silom last night. I arrived not long after what authorities say was an M79 grenade exploded near the Dusit Thani hotel, in an area where pro-government demonstrators had been rallying....

Bangkok Pundit, Asian Correspondent, Silom under attack

Jotman, JOTMAN.COM, Explosions kill three in Bangkok, foreigners among injured

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