Friday, April 9, 2010

Early April Bangkok protests: Red shirts swarm mall, debut of pink shirts

Bangkok Pundit, Live-blogging: Reds talks with Abhisit, March 28


Thomas Hoy, “Thailand want ยุบสภา”: Red signs in English, March 29, (one of Hoy's photo at right)
Tony Joh, Pink shirt protesters converge on Lumpini Park, April 2, "Supporters of Abhisit Vejjajiva, wearing  pink shirts protested at Lumpini Park today. They want a quick and peaceful end to the current political situation." 
Richard Barlow, Red Shirts Close Biggest Shopping Malls in Bangkok, 3 April
A Reader of New Mandala,  New Mandala, Occupation of the malls – UPDATED, April 4, 
Tony Joh, Chaos in Bangkok as red shirt protesters take over, April 7, "Chaos reigns in Bangkok as the red shirt protesters push the limits of government patience and take over downtown Bangkok."
Richard Barlow, Is Bangkok Really Dangerous?, April 8
Nat, New Mandala, More red shirt images,  April 9, "Here is a gallery of photos from a New Mandala reader, Nat, who went shopping last Saturday and ended up taking a tour of the red shirt protest."

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