Saturday, May 22, 2010

Aftermath of Bangkok crackdown and fires of May 19, 2010

Newley, Rajaprasong aftermath: images from today (New)

Legal Nomads, Bangkok: Aftermath & Cleanup

ClaudioAfter the dispersal- Part 2- May 19th, Before Departure- May 20th, Long night- May 20th, and Free Zone- May 21st

I walk down Ratchadamri road. The place is surreal and feels haunted. For the first time since I came to Thailand I can hear the twitter of birds in this area, normally covered by the noises of traffic and for the last month by the broadcasted speeches. The place feel like the people living in it just disappeared suddenly.
Andrew Marshall, Voices from the Aftermath
The protesters were dejected, anxious, and exhausted. They were also defiant. “They got us out of here,” said Puwanai Sorabud, 40, a tour guide returning to the northern town of Chiang Rai, “but that doesn’t mean they’ve won. They can’t fight this many voices.”

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

May 19: Thailand crackdown and the burning of Bangkok

The Thai capital is now enveloped in smoke.  Throughout the city, shopping malls, movie theaters, banks, and media organizations have caught fire and some have burned to the ground. There have been many explosions and shootings. It would appear that journalists are being targeted by red shirts. "Black shirt" snipers roam the streets. Soldiers have been instructed to shoot anyone causing disorder. Some Bangkok residents have begun to evacuate the city. Other residents are prisoners of their homes, many going without electricity.

In the northern city of Chiang Mai soldiers have opened fire on people gathered on a bridge. In the large northeastern town of Udon Thani, protesters have taken over the government building.  France 24 reports that "Along with the province of Ubon Ratchathani (its capital is of the same name), 21 other provinces (out of the country's 76) have been placed under a state of emergency. Most of them are in the northeast of the country, the heartland of the Red Shirts."

As always, blue indicates those who blogged events live in real time, red indicates persons reporting "there live" from the streets.

Mong Palatino, Thailand: arson in Bangkok, protests spread to other provinces (New)

Bangkok Pundit, Breaking: Military move in on protest site UDPATE: LIVE BLOG

Jotman, Bangkok is burning: live-blogging May 19 - many firsthand twitter reports, sorted by time and topic.

New Mandala community, Burning, curfew

Thai Report, hourly timeline, videos

Reuters, Timeline of May 19, Live-blog Bangkok 

Keng, A paramedic’s account of the 19 May slaughter - "Bullets were fired right at the medical tent, Keng said." (New) 

Andrew BuncombeEyewitness: Under fire in Thailand - "I cannot believe they are shooting in a temple." (New)

Steve TicknerAustralian reporter hides out in Buddhist temple (New) -

Mark MacKinnon, The revolution shall be tweeted (New),  In a Bangkok Temple, the groans of the wounded shot seeking sanctuary (New) - "... a place of death and terror as perhaps 1,500 civilians huddled inside." 

Bangkok Post, Unholly night in the temple compound (New)

Florian "Flo", A Dark 19 of May  - "a group of six red shirts chased me, threw me off my motorbike and tried to get the camera."

New Mandala, Ubon Ratchathani  red shirt protests turn violent  - "Suddenly two loud explosions were heard and the crowd very quickly did an about face and came running back to the main protest site."

Simon Roughneen, Bangkok Eyewitness – hardcore protestors run amok as army moves in

Nirmal GhoshThai army moves in, slowly and Showdown at Ratchaprasong - "... the state of affairs at the epicenter at Ratchaprasong, will remain engraved in the memory of many for years to come, and have a deep bearing on the future of Thailand."

Claudio, After the dispersal - May 19 part 1- "In red painting, a haunting but polite question: “Father, where are you?

Memock, Ubon Ratchathani Provincial Office gutted by fire, "Red Shirts" still fighting, burn down city hall  - "...the protestors also set fire to this fire engine as it was on its way to the scene."

Thilo Thielke The day the Thai army moved in (via GJBKK) - "Snipers from a side street were targeting us..." (New)

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Soldiers firing on protesters in Bangkok

As always, red indicates persons physically "there live" at the scene, blue those who blogged an event live in real time.  If you know of firsthand reports that ought to be included, please let us know.

Events of Thursday May 13 
Nation's State,  Clashes in Bangkok - "Seh Deang at 6:33 PM on May 13th."
Thomas Fuller, The Furry outside my window  - eyewitness to shooting of Gen. Khattiya (Seh Daeng)
Bangkok PunditThe Blockade - Live Blog 
Jotman, Maj Gen Khattiya Sawasdipol shot in Bangkok

Events of Friday May 14 
Nation's State,  Clashes in Bangkok
Florian (Flo), The Beginning of a long Crackdown "Red Shirt was moving away from the soldiers while he got shot through his knee right a few meters in front of me."
Claudio, Sathorn Road- May 14th, Update from Sathorn- May 14th 
Mong Palatino, Protest blockade ends in violence
Bangkok Pundit, The Blockade Day 2 - Live Blog
Jotman, At least three journalists shot in Bangkok clashes
Events of Saturday May 15 
Nation's State, Live fire zone - the term that was most often used was 'civil war' (สงครามกลางเมือง)
Nick Nostitz, Nick Nostitz in the killing zone - Thai soldiers shoot red shirts armed only with sling-shots
Claudio, Update Ngan-Dumphli May 15th and Ngan-Dumphli/Rama IV- May 15th 
Bangkok Pundit,  Liveblogging Bangkok - Day 3 
Mong Palatino, Bangkok clashes

Events of Sunday May 16 

Nation's StateBangkok burns - " Shots rang out periodically all day and there were many injuries and likely some deaths."
Claudio,  Around Bon Kai and Klong Toei- May 16th 
Florian (Flo), Protesters Crackdown 16th May - Bangkok "open war zone" live bullets, tires burning. 
Patrick Winn, StreetLife: Bangkok — The taste of turmoil
Bangkok Pundit CNN on army snipers - any sightings of armed red shirts?

Events of Monday May 17
Claudio,  Victory Monument and snipers- May 17th
Mong Palatino, Thailand: Red Shirt protesters remain defiant

Events of Tuesday May 18
Nation's StateWeapons of the weak - "...the first and only time I have ever seen a weapon of war."
Nirmal Ghosh, Distant thunder in Thailand - black ninja ... samurai sword...

Throughout the week
Timelines:  The concise, day-by-day and hour-by-hour timelines on the homepage of Thai Report deserve a special mention.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Army blockade of red shirt protesters in Bangkok

Bangkok Pundit, Asian Correspondent, The Blockade - Live Blog
NYT reports that Seh Daeng shot while being interviewed by IHT.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Immigration protest at the White House

Thousands of Americans gathered in a peaceful protest in Washington DC Saturday against the discriminatory immigration law passed last week in Arizona.  Forty people were arrested including one congressman from Illinois.