Saturday, May 22, 2010

Aftermath of Bangkok crackdown and fires of May 19, 2010

Newley, Rajaprasong aftermath: images from today (New)

Legal Nomads, Bangkok: Aftermath & Cleanup

ClaudioAfter the dispersal- Part 2- May 19th, Before Departure- May 20th, Long night- May 20th, and Free Zone- May 21st

I walk down Ratchadamri road. The place is surreal and feels haunted. For the first time since I came to Thailand I can hear the twitter of birds in this area, normally covered by the noises of traffic and for the last month by the broadcasted speeches. The place feel like the people living in it just disappeared suddenly.
Andrew Marshall, Voices from the Aftermath
The protesters were dejected, anxious, and exhausted. They were also defiant. “They got us out of here,” said Puwanai Sorabud, 40, a tour guide returning to the northern town of Chiang Rai, “but that doesn’t mean they’ve won. They can’t fight this many voices.”

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