Sunday, August 15, 2010

Effects of Pakistan floods of 2010

In addition to the sources mentioned in the previous post, Dave has been live-blogging the impact of the floods.

Dave's Landslide Blog, Update on the disasters in China and Pakistan (11 Aug),  Update on China and Pakistan (13 Aug), and Pakistan flood update (15 Aug)

Dave suggests that after the initial flooding, two further dangers threaten Pakistan:

1.  A second wave of flooding.
The danger must be that the second flood wave starts to catch up with, and build upon, the stalled first wave.  This would create the potential for an extremely damaging second phase of floods.  It took six days for the first wave to pass from Taunsa to Guddu, and a further day to Sukkur.  The hope must be that the water level starts to fall quickly at these two sites before the second wave arrives.

Unfortunately, it is clear that this slow motion disaster has several more weeks to go, even if there is no further heavy rain. 
2.  Coping with devastation
The sheer magnitude of the disaster in Pakistan is difficult to comprehend.  Unfortunately the true horror of this event is probably remaining hidden; the real impact will come when the water levels in the south subside to leave polluted water wells, destroyed homes and wrecked crops.  The legacy of this disaster will be long-lasting, and will have a profound impact on Pakistan and elsewhere.
Denver Post, Captured in flooded Pakistan - selected photojournalism

How to donate?  Medicins Sans Frontiers  is providing emergency medical care to flood victims in Pakistan via mobile clinics and health centers in all four provinces affected  as well as sanitation equipment, water, drugs and medical material to displaced persons. You can donate online or by phone.

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