Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Fires burn across Russia

It's quite amazing that mainstream media in the west are failing to provide good stories with the Russia fire situation. Half of the country, most of its populated part, is on fire. Some pics and videos are quite apocalyptic in nature.  For example,
  • Here's a scary video - just some folks trying to drive through the burning area.
  • This video shows a wildfire seen approaching the town of Vykza.
People are basically trying to organize themselves - bloggers seem to be of some help in coordinating that activity. For instance, i-cherski.  
Another blogger, Vollove on 07.29 attempted to join some volunteers and help fight the fire near Vykza. Here is a short summary of his report which included pictures:
  • We arrive on the scene. Wait for 20-30. There's a lot of volunteers around. There is a fire engine, some trucks and buses. Our gear looks ridiculous.
  • Suddenly it gets absolutely dark, even though it's an afternoon. Suddenly there's a strong wind and all the air is gone - can't breathe. We see the flames over the tops of the trees. It's moving fast. We realize it's hopeless to attempt anything against this force. Firefighters yell "run!"
  • We run. It gets dark and hot, and no air. Some burning crap is flying around. Can't run. Finally reach the cars. Some folks are missing - can't wait. We try to drive. Can't see anything. One of the cars crashes - folks join us. Somehow manage to get out of there, but it still feels like hell all around. 
  • At home, we start packing stuff, just in case.
See also this report which includes links to maps.
Report by JOTMAN.COM contributor Sanjuro. 


    Anonymous said...

    Not sure if Finland counts as the west, but there has been little coverage of the fire situation here until the past few days.

    Anonymous said...

    There is very little coverage in the UK too. I think the BBC is making some headway but overall, the lack of coverage is terrible.

    Twitter it. Twitpic it. Get it out there. Shame the crappy networks. Show them how to do it.

    Anonymous said...

    Good those Russian bastards deserve this