Sunday, December 12, 2010

Race riots in Moscow

Rally in Moscow in memory of slain football fan degenerated into race riot.  Photo by Ilya Varlamov.
People getting beaten up in subway.  Photo by Ilya Varlamov

A raced riot rocked central Moscow Saturday, but it was not prominently reported in the Western news.   BBC covered the event, "But somehow their coverage is more football-themed" noted Sanjuro, a contributor to JOTMAN.COM. reports:
 During the rally in memory of murdered fan of FC Spartak in the Manege Square in Moscow brought together more than four thousand people, the correspondent of Gazeta.Ru Many of the participants close their faces with scarves and masks.  Priodically, the crowd chanting "Russian, go!", "Moscow is not the Caucasus" Fans Fire burn and behave aggressively.    During the campaign, one participant fired several shots from a signal flare to the side of the Moskva Hotel, where several janitors Asian appearance were clearing snow.
Sanjuro comments that "in the previous demonstrations last week (on the same occasion), the slogans were: "Russia for Russians, Moscow for Muscovites."

Russian blogger and photographer Ilya Varlamov was there live.  Varlamov live-blogged the unfolding race riot, posting throughout the day to  Twitter.   Here are some of his tweets that have been translated (from earliest to most recent):
  • Thousands of fans at manezhke
  • Screams: Down with Jew power!  
  • Stolkovkniya fucking around with riot police
  • Five Caucasians severely beaten
  • Crowd of 10,000.  Entire area is filled with cops.  
  • Teaming up for battle
  • Explosion or fire
  • Police clean up area
  • I want a helmet, scary
  • Half the area cleaned up
  • 9 riot police taken away in an ambulance
  • SWAT demands return of the detainees, there are negotiations
  • Militia bosses
  • Negotiations (photo)
  • Kolokoltsev has persuaded the crowd to disperse, it is useless.
  • Fireworks.
  • Crowd calls for killers of Volkova! The situation spirals out of control
  • Fireworks.  "Russians Forward!" 
  • Heading home
  • People are beaten on the subway
  • Going to Pushkin
  • In the metro I hear of 10 people getting beaten
  • One Uzbek man was beaten and stripped directly on the platform.  He was unconscious.
  • Internal forces are going in the direction of Pushkin (photo)
    Police have moved in the direction of Mayakovskaya
  • Unrest in Moscow (photo)
  • Beaten Caucasians at the Manege (photo)
  • People getting beaten up in subway.  (photo on top of page)
  • "Russia Forward! Caucasus sucks!" (photo
  • I read the official media.
  • Muscovite preparing for the Olympics in Sochi (photo)
  • Police descended into the subway where people were beaten up after 15 minutes 
  • At the Manege Square 64 have been detained.
  • Today at the Manege in Moscow, according to various sources was killed either 1 or 2 people.
  • Contradictory information is received about the state of affairs in the area of three stations. There is a version that there is now the crowd is going to "beat the non-Russians."
  • Riot police called in.
  • I can not forget old Uzbek man in the subway. He was not beaten, he just sat in a corner shaking and crying, but looked as beat up as the others.
  • More pictures on my blog (here).
Sanjuro points us to some shocking videos from the riots:

This one is not very intense - but informative video by a Youtube user. It's quite lengthy, show the progress of the events for most of the day, but doesn't have some of the most intense stuff. User comments are mostly nationalistic:

A bit more coverage from LifeNews on the same day: shows groups of young men beating supposedly non-Russian persons in the Moscow subway. Police is present but is outnumbered and does nothing.

Official TV footage, quite boring "fans of the FC Spartak gathered for an unsanctioned meeting to mourn their comrade..." But somehow the news lady says there's about 50,000 people there:

Looking at various headlines concerning the Moscow riots in the Western media, I'm struck by 1) the fact you could count on one hand the number of Western media outlets that ran stories about the riots; 2) how those few Western media outlets that reported the story label the event "football" rioting.  The casual reader is given the impression that the rioters are just your typical unruly soccer fans.

But it wasn't a football (soccer) riot, it was a race riot.  These headlines are misleading:

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